His Mommy Videos

his mommy videos

Oh those young couples, always up to something filthy! These two, they did some research on the kinky stuff, you know, the restraints and all that. Well, it was mainly the girl who was into it. She had the guy tie her up, things were getting hotter, her pussy was getting wetter – and then his mother showed up. The guy went crazy a bit and his mom sent him on some errand. Then, what do you know, she found the girl, still tied up! It was a match made in heaven, or hell. The mother touched that bod all over, then some pantyhose play, and some fisting, and then the guy comes and gets damaged forever!

His Mommy Pictures

his mommy pictures

It was a great sunny day and the guy, his gf and his mom were in their garden, just soaking in the sun. The young couple started fooling around and soon both were pretty damn horny. The mother saw that and got envious – and guess what happened next! She asked the girlfriend to apply some lotion to her back. Next thing you know, the two females were touching each other where they shouldn’t! A big dildo was pulled out of somewhere and things got a whole new turn. Finally the guy saw the two victims and freaked out. Well, that’s something to think about for sure!

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his mommy password

The guy’s mother was staying at their place, as did his girlfriend. It seemed like a boring night so the three ended up playing cards – for money! The guy didn’t do very good and soon had to go to an ATM to get more cash. Poor soul, he sure missed some hot shit here. His mom got her long-hidden lesbian urges working. How about a quick game of strip poker, she suggested to the girlfriend. Next thing you know, the gf was fully naked and strangely aroused. Serious pussy toying ensued, as did some really wild sixtynining. That’s where the guy caught them, and you know, he pretty much went apeshit!

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his mommy tube

Just look at them, having a great time outdoors on a tennis court. The guy brought his girlfriend planning to introduce her to his mom. Well he introduced them all right. Watch as the guy takes the bike from his girl and cycles away while his mom and his gf start talking. His mom, that crazy vixen, could not control her lesbian urges and basically started devouring that tight toned body. Too shocked and aroused to say anything, the gf enjoyed getting her moist cunt poked and well, returned the favor too. Now that’s something to explain to her boyfriend!

Moms Seduce Girlfriends

moms seduce girlfriends

The title of this story pretty much says it, right? The man was worried not to look silly during his wedding dance. He asked his mom to work on his and his gf’s dancing skills. But oops, something came up so he left. His mom and his fiance were left all alone, and the old slut was teaching the girl something for sure. Not exactly dancing though. The gf was a tall, super sexy blonde, so the mom got her juices flowing and you know, couldn’t keep her hands and tongue off that piece of hot flesh. Oh boy, it was so much deep toying and rubbing and clit licking and what not! Imagine what the guy felt when he saw them, and he did!