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Moms Seduce Girlfriends

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Oh those young couples, always up to something filthy! These two, they did some research on the kinky stuff, you know, the restraints and all that. Well, it was mainly the girl who was into it. She had the guy… continue reading »

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It was a great sunny day and the guy, his gf and his mom were in their garden, just soaking in the sun. The young couple started fooling around and soon both were pretty damn horny. The mother saw that… continue reading »

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The guy’s mother was staying at their place, as did his girlfriend. It seemed like a boring night so the three ended up playing cards – for money! The guy didn’t do very good and soon had to go to… continue reading »

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Just look at them, having a great time outdoors on a tennis court. The guy brought his girlfriend planning to introduce her to his mom. Well he introduced them all right. Watch as the guy takes the bike from his… continue reading »

Moms Seduce Girlfriends

The title of this story pretty much says it, right? The man was worried not to look silly during his wedding dance. He asked his mom to work on his and his gf’s dancing skills. But oops, something came up… continue reading »